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paving construction and maintenance

The information contained within these sections are correct at the time of writing, but the frequent updating of the EN and BS codes may mean that construction methods have altered so we suggest that the recommended reading lists and other appropriate codes and standards are considered in the design of the project.

The construction and maintenance sections in this site should be used as a source of information only. It is recommended throughout that specialist advice is sought where required.



It is important that the base provides a solid foundation for the paving. The paving needs to be laid to a fall, typically 1:50 to ensure that water runs off and puddling does not occur, which can cause slipping hazards in freezing weather. Care should be taken to ensure that water, which can include nutrients and debris that can encourage the growth of algae, does not wash onto the stone from surrounding flower borders and lawns.

We will attempt to place stones of a similar thickness on the same pallet to assist the laying process but we cannot guarantee that this will always be possible.

Bedding & Pointing

We would suggest that only clean washed sand and white cement are used in the bedding to avoid the possibility of staining being drawn into the stone and Portland Stone Dust in place of sand with white cement for the grouting.


The stone may require light brushing with water to remove light dirt. To remove algae we suggest brushing with a stiff broom or gentle jet washing, ensuring the grouting is not dislodged, and/or the application of a specialist algaecide. We do not recommend the use of de-icing salts as they can damage the surface of the stone.